Hesco M210 Special Threat Plate Set



Hesco M210 Special Threat Plate SAPI Set – Advanced Spectra® design. Full AK-47 protection including 7.62 x 39 API. Multi shot rated on selected threats. Water repellent polyurethane coated CORDURA® fabric finish.

Hesco M210 Threat Matrix


Standard SAPI Sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XL)
Weight: XL 6.7lbs, L 5.8lbs, 5.0lbs, 4.3lbs
Thinness: 0.61″
Made in the USA by Hesco

Additional information

Plate Size

10.25”x13.25” SAPI Large, 11”x14” SAPI XL, 8.75”x11.75” SAPI Small, 9.50”x12.50” SAPI Medium

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