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MASS IIIA Soft Plate Backers Set


The MASS IIIA Soft Armor Panels Set are made and tested to NIJ IIIA standards which can be worn as a plate backer / trauma pad or behind an “in-conjunction with” (ICW) plate to bring it up to spec.

Plate Backer on Carrier
SAPI Cut Plate Backer on Carrier

Plate backers are a great way to add some padding behind your plate, level up a plate rating or even to just use it as a soft armor solution.  All our backers are compliant to an NIJ Level III-A  (How To Choose The Right Body Armor).

The backers can be made in most sizes and can be requested custom if needed although most carriers will accept the Shooters Cut or SAPI cut and it will comfortably fit behind your plate.

Each backer is Sonobonded, which is a sonic seal, on a specific fabric that makes sure that the seal is air tight which means no debris or water can get in which will allow your backer to last.

Made 100% in the USA from USA sourced materials by our team in Knoxville, TN!

Plate Backer into Carrier
Made In Usa

Each backer can comfortably fit behind your plates in the carrier of your choice!

We use Sonobond to ultrasonic seal each of our plate backers so they are air tight and free of debris and water proof.

All our plate backers are 100% US Made using US Made, using US Made materials that are berry compliant and made by our team in Knoxville TN!



The MASS IIIA Soft Armor Plate Backers Set are made and tested to NIJ III-A standards which can be worn as a plate backer / trauma pad or behind an “in-conjunction with” (ICW) plate to bring it up to spec.

These panels are extremely versatile and allows you to:

The soft panels also come in Cummerbund Ballistic Inserts that can work with most carriers while also making the cummerbund more stiff and stable.


Tested to NIJ III-A Compliant
RF Sealed
Rip-stop Nylon
Protected from moisture & debris
1.2lbs per panel (10×12)
~0.27″ Thin
Stand Alone or ICW

Please note this product is NOT NIJ Certified however it is tested to NIJ III-A Standards to confirm to compliance, for NIJ Certified panels please look for the NIJ logo in our Soft Armor Product Listing.

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Plate Size

10.25”x13.25” SAPI Large, 10”x12” Shooter’s Cut, 11”x14” SAPI XL, 5×13 Cummerbund, 8.75”x11.75” SAPI Small, 8”x10” Shooter’s Cut, 9.50”x12.50” SAPI Medium