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Proguard IV Set

The Proguard IV (Hesco 4401) provides level IV stand-alone stopping power up to .30-06 Armor Piercing (M2AP). Ideal for active shooter kits, home intruder kits, or to carry in your patrol car for emergency high-threat situations.

Ships in 1-5 Business Days

MASS III-A Soft Plate Backers

The MASS III-A Soft Armor Panels are made and tested to NIJ III-A standards which can be worn as a plate backer / trauma pad or behind an “in-conjunction with” (ICW) plate to bring it up to spec.

These panels are extremely versatile and allows you to:

The soft panels also come in Cummerbund Ballistic Inserts that can work with most carriers while also making the cummerbund more stiff and stable.

Now $5 flat shipping!

Proguard STX Set

The Proguard STX (Hesco L210) Set is a set of 2 special threat plates that offer great special threat testing protection while still being well priced and while not compromising on weight coming in at 5.5lbs while only being 0.59″ thick.

Ships in 1-5 Business Days

Ballistic Blankets

Ballistic blankets offer level IIIA protection in a wide variety of tactical situations. Ballistic Blankets can be quickly and easily thrown over windows, doors and walls, or used as a personal shield in hazardous situations.