Surge IIIA Ballistic Insert Set


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Surge IIIA Ballistic Insert Set

The Surge IIIA Ballistic Insert Set is a great way to armor up your Surge Carrier with NIJ Compliant IIIA armor.  You can easily run the carrier with just the inserts or along side your plates for extended coverage as well as ability to level up your III, III+ or ICW ballistic plate.

All our inserts are made from 100% Kevlar that is quilted and then sealed using the ultrasonic sound process of Sonobond for ultimate protection from UV, debris and completely waterproof.  Since it is made from 100% Kevlar it will last longer than other mixed aramids while also being a tried and tested solution.


These ballistic inserts are only compatible with the Surge Carrier and will NOT work with any other carrier as it is a custom shape specific to the Surge.

Surge IIIA Ballistic Insert Set Features

Made in USA
Sonobond sealed for protection from UV, debris
100% Kevlar

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