Surge Hybrid Carrier Kit



Surge Hybrid Carrier Kit

The Surge Hybrid Carrier Kit takes a unique approach to plate carriers, our vision was to create a minimal plate carrier that offers extended coverage with soft armor while still being adaptable and scalable.  

This kit is based on our Surge Hybrid Carrier Base and brings it all together for you an Elastic Full Cummerbund as well as a set of the Surge IIIA Ballistic Inserts.

Today when choosing body armor protection you either have to pick a Plate Carrier or a Tactical carrier which offers more concealed or BALCS shape armor, the Surge Hybrid Carrier Kit addresses this gap by creating a carrier that is in between a Plate carrier and a Tactical carrier, giving you flexibility to increase armor protection, armor up/down while still being minimal and adaptable. 

You can run the Surge with Soft Armor inserts which can be made from Level II to Level IIIA as well as a Spike add-on, you can also run it with Ballistic plates by themselves giving you protection up to a Level IV or you can do a combination of soft armor and hard armor allowing you to armor up/down easily without having to sacrifice on real-estate, adaptability or comfort. 

The front panel of the Surge features a hidden admin pouch at the top between the SwiftClips as well as SwiftClips on either side to accept all SwiftClip compatible accessories such as the Esstac Daedon Pouches and velcro system at the bottom to attach your accessories to.

The back panel features a full slick back system with a removable flap to cover the cummerbund attachment area.

Kit Components

The kit comes ready to go out of the box with: 1x Surge Hybrid Carrier Base (front and back panels) 1x Surge IIIA Ballistic Inserts Set 1x Elastic Full Cummerbund


Designed from durable 500D Cordura fabric this carrier is built to last with MILSPEC stitching that can stand up to the toughest missions.  Both the front and back panels offer extended coverage with an elongated front and torso panel of 17.5” extending beyond the height of the ballistic plate as well as 15 inches wide extending it beyond the width of the ballistic plate.  This extended area is covered with ballistic soft armor (optional insert) that can be added at any time.

Plate size and shape are no issue for this carrier accepting all plates up to an X-Large SAPI as well as Full Cut designs with an elevator plate pocket system allowing you to adjust how the ballistic plate sits on your body.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and easily tucked away in the shoulder pockets giving you a slick top and keeping the velcro and straps from getting snagged during use.

Slick rear panel with a removable back flap gives you ultimate flexibility on which cummerbund system to use whether it is one made by us or one of your favorites from Ferro Concepts, Spiritus Systems, Crye or any other brand.  Allowing you to attach both velcro and bungee cummerbunds in the back as well as the ability to cover it for full slick operation. 


We take our tactical gear knowledge and apply it to all our carriers to increase life of the carrier, durability and comfort.

Each Surge carrier features 500D Cordura that has been treated for both IR and is naturally water repellent. The added weight from the 500D is well worth the trade of durability and will stand up to long term abuse.

While the front gives you durable materials from the elements the back gives you comfort with 3D Spacer Mesh fabric that creates a breathable platform as well as padding from the soft and hard armor plates. 

The Surge IIIA Ballistic Insert Sets are made from 100% Kevlar that is quilted and then sealed using the ultrasonic sound process of Sonobond for ultimate protection from UV, debris and completely waterproof.  Since it is made from 100% Kevlar it will last longer than other mixed aramids while also being a tried and tested solution.

Cummerbund Support

This Kit comes with the Elastic Full Cummerbund; if you would like a MOLLE cummerbund or other options consider purchasing the Surge Hybrid Carrier Base and the Cummerbund setup separately.

We offer multiple cummerbund sizes to fit your style and comfort for how tight you would like the carrier to be on your body, each cummerbund allows for adjustments above its size so you can tighten up the carrier with a +/- 4″ elastic stretch.

Small – 32 to 34″ (13″ Length) Medium – 34″ to 38″ (15″ Length) Large – 40″ to 44″ (17″ Length) X-Large – 46″ to 50″ (19″ Length) 2X-Large – 52″ to 56″ (21″ Length) 3X-Large – 58″ to 62″ (23″ Length) **CUSTOM SIZING** If none of these sizes fit and you need a custom size just follow the metric above and contact our team at SUPPORT@MIDWESTARMOR.COM or via our chat and request a larger cummerbund.


Width: 15” Height: 17.5” Height from Collar Bone: 16”

Surge Hybrid Carrier Kit Features

100% US Made Front SwiftClip panels Compatible with MOLLE Slick back panels Accepts all plate shapes Accepts plates up to X-Large SAPI Works with any SwiftClip attachment Front panel hidden Admin Pouch Back flap configuration full field of loop in addition to bungee Compatible with all our universal Cummerbunds and Pouches Removable back flap cover Ballistics are made from 100% Kevlar


Designed, produced & made in Knoxville


Three Year warranty on all nylon products


Made with tactical material for durability

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