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LTC 28590 Level IV Gen V SOCOM Plate Set


LTC 28590 Level IV Gen V SOCOM Plate Set



LTC 28590 Level IV Gen V SOCOM Plates

The LTC 28590 are a set of lightweight Level IV plates that are made from the highest grade Carbide ceramic with the latest in Carbon and PE Backing technology.  Each plate features a multi-curve design and measures in at 1″ thick while being super lightweight at a medium of 4.88 to 5.11lbs.

These plates are built to military SOCOM standards and defeat multiple impacts of 7.x62x39mm API as well as a single impact of the 7.62x54R and 0.30 APM2 stand alone without the requirement of any soft body armor (although plate backers are always nice for trauma reduction).


30.06 AP M2*
7.62 x 51mm – M-80 Ball
5.56 x 45mm – M193/M855/SS109
7.62 x 54R – LPS
7.62 X 54R – B-32 API*
7.62 x 39mm – API*

* = One Shot per NIJ Level IV


Thinness: 1″
Multi-hit protection
Small Swimmer (9.1×11.1) – 4.37lbs
Medium Swimmer (9.9×11.6) – 4.88lbs
Large Swimmer (9.9×12.1) – 5.06lbs
X-Large Swimmer  (10.6×12.6) 5.57lbs
Small SAPI – 4.42lbs
Medium SAPI – 5.11lbs
Large SAPI – 5.58lbs
X-Large SAPI – 6.62lbs
Made in the USA by LTC

Additional information

Plate Size

10.25”x13.25” SAPI Large, 11”x14” SAPI XL, 8.75”x11.75” SAPI Small, 9.50”x12.50” SAPI Medium, Swimmer Large, Swimmer Medium, Swimmer Small, Swimmer X-Large