LTC 26605 Level IV Multi-Curve Plate Set


The LTC 26605 Level IV is an NIJ 0101.06 certified Stand Alone plate that comes in a triple-curve for the most comfort during wear.  Each plate is made with a high density alumina ceramic core (Al2O3) which is then backed with layered woven aramid fiber and finished in a black water resistant Cordura Nylon covering.  The strike face of the plate is outfitted with a foam pad to protect against severe drops. All LTC plates are made in the USA by LTC (Leading Technology Composites) which is the worlds largest body armor manufacturer.

10×12 Swimmers: 7lbs
SAPI SM: 6.5lbs
SAPI MD: 7.5lbs
SAPI LG: 8.5lbs
SAPI XL: 9.75lbs

What's Included

2 Ballistic Plates (Set)


NIJ 0101.06 Certified (26605)
Thinness: 1″
Multi-hit protection
Made in the USA by LTC

Threat Matrix

30.06 AP M2*
7.62 x 51mm – M-80 Ball
7.62 x 51mm – M61AP*
5.56 x 45mm – M193/M855/SS109
7.62 x 54R – LPS
7.62 X 54R – B-32 API*
7.62 x 39mm – API*
2400 7.62 x 39mm – Ball/Steel Core

* = One Shot per NIJ Level IV

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