LTC 26135-26151 NIJ 04 Level IV Multi-Curve Plate Set


The LTC 26135-26151 NIJ 04 Level IV Multi-Curve Plate Set is an NIJ 0101.04 certified Stand Alone plate that comes in a triple-curve for the most comfort during wear.  Each plate is made with a high density alumina ceramic core (Al2O3) which is then backed with layered woven aramid fiber and finished in a black water resistant Cordura Nylon covering. All LTC plates are made in the USA by LTC (Leading Technology Composites) which is the worlds largest body armor manufacturer.

10×12 Swimmers: 6.7lbs (26135)
SAPI SM: 6.16lbs (26148)
SAPI MD: 7.16lbs (26149)
SAPI LG: 8.26lbs (26150)
SAPI XL: 8.52lbs (26151)

What's Included

2 Ballistic Plates (Set)

Both plates will be same shape, if you would like the front different than the back please let us know after you place your order.


NIJ 0101.04 Certified
Thinness: .74″
Multi-hit protection
Made in the USA by LTC

Threat Matrix

30.06 AP M2
7.62 x 51mm – M-80 Ball
5.56 x 45mm – M193/M855/SS109
7.62 x 54R – LPS
7.62 x 39mm – API*
2400 7.62 x 39mm – Ball/Steel Core

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