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Hesco D220 Special Threat Plate Set


Hesco D220 Special Threat Plate Set



Hesco D220 Special Threat Plate Set in SAPI Cut Lightweight ceramic/Spectra® design. Water repellant polyurethane coated CORDURA® fabric finish.


Each sample ballistic plate shall be impacted with two 3-shot groups, except for sample three. All testing rounds shall be at 0º intended angle of incidence. The first shot in each group shall be the edge shot and shall impact 1” (on center; ± .25”) from the edge of the ballistic plate. Subsequent shots in the group shall impact 2” (on center; ± .25”) apart from any other shot in the group (see illustration). All shots except for the edge shot shall impact no less than 2” from any edge, or from any other shots on the same ballistic plate.

Hesco D220 Pattern Hesco D220 Rounds


Medium SAPI 9.50 x 12.50 in
Weight: 5.9lbs
Thinness: 0.68″
Wrapped in water repellent CORDURA®
Made in USA by Hesco

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