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The Rump Fully Kitted Coyote
The RUMP (contents not included)
RUMP Rolled Up Pistol Mag Pouch Coyote Featured
The RUMP Pistol Pouch (contents not included)

The RUMP comes in a 308, 556 or Pistol configuration as well as a 1″ and 2″ strap and can be worn across the body or waist

RUMP Rolled Up Pistol Mag Pouch Coyote Flat Featured
The RUMP Pistol Pouch (contents not included)


The RUMP™ – Roll Up Mag Pouch

The RUMP™ (Roll Up Mag Pouch) allows you to carry extra mags while also being easy to roll up and store away when you need it out of the way.

Each pouch features a full width Velcro loop panel in the front to attach patches and additional small pouches to as well as two shock cord retention zones, with Velcro backing, to add Chem Lights, TQs or anything that needs a snug fit.

On the inside each pouch comes in 3 configurations.

A four 556 magazines (optional to have 3) with 2 additional pockets on either end, a three 308 magazines with two additional pocket slots on either end for ancillary gear and lastly a 4 pistol magazine slot with an additional slot for a larger mag or ancillary gear.

Quiet operating YKK Zipper with Shock Cord pull cord keep your items secure during operation and stow.

Can be worn around the waist or cross body with an easy strap attachment that is adjustable to fit over your gear or waist.


4 556 Mag Cell + 2 Side Pockets
3 556 Mag Cell + 2 Side Pockets
3 308 Mag Cell + 2 Side Pockets
4 Pistol Mag Cells + 2 Side Pocket


Full front Velcro Loop attachment area
Two Shock Cord Retention zones
Shock Cord pulls and quiet YKK Zipper
Can be worn over waist or cross body
Weight 5.2oz
Dimensions 15″ Height x 8.25″ Width (For 556 and 308)
Dimensions 14.5″ Height x 8.25″ Width (For Pistol)
Made in the USA
Berry Compliant


Additional information

Magazine Type

308 – 3+2 Cells, 556 – 3+2 Cells, 556 – 4+2 Cells, Pistol

Strap Width

1", 2"


Black, Coyote, Multicam, Multicam Black, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey