TFAK Trauma First Aid Kit



TFAK Trauma First Aid Kit

The TFAK Trauma First Aid Kit is a micro trauma kit packed with essential life-saving supplies. Designed by MyMedic alongside medical and firearm professionals, a first aid kit perfect for hunting, the gun range, your car, and more.
  • Contains over 35 quality supplies, including 15 trauma items, such as chest seals and a tourniquet
  • The TFAK Trauma First Aid Kit is a fully packed, all-in-one medical kit for the range
  • HSA/FSA approved
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The TFAK Trauma First Aid Kit was built with usability in mind and features some basic yet life saving enhancements. TEAR AWAY PANEL Designed to enable quick access without the hassle of unbuckling. REMOVABLE TOURNIQUET POUCH External Velcro-backed tourniquet pouch for rapid access in an emergency situation. COMPACT AND ORGANIZED Internal butterfly storage designed for accessibility provides plenty of room for customizing your kit with personal tactical and first aid supplies. BUTTON STRAPS Two-button straps on the back, perfect for attaching to other equipment.

INSIDE THE KIT TFAK Trauma First Aid Kit

1x SUPER WASH - Saline wash for irrigating wounds or eyes 1x SMALL EMT SHEARS - Cut your way out of most anything 1x SPACE BLANKET - Thermal insulation blanket designed to reflect 90% of body heat 1x PACK OF 2 CHEST SEALS - Treats penetrating injuries to the chest with one-way valve to prevent pneumothorax 1x CPR SHIELD - Creates barrier to prevent transmission of disease when performing CPR 1x MINI TOOL MOD - Includes: 1 Penlight, 1 Tweezer, 1 Whistle 1x GLOVES - 1 pair of disposable gloves 1x RAPID TOURNIQUET - Easy use tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding 1x COMPRESSED KRINKLE GAUZE - Vacuum sealed gauze to treat serious bleeding 1x EMERGENCY PRESSURE BANDAGE - Compact trauma dressing to treat serious bleeding 1x ZZIPS 2-PACK - Includes: 2 ZZIPS Devices, 1 Instruction for Use 1x QUIKCLOT PACK - Hemostatic dressing to control traumatic bleeding 1x NPA 28 MED PACK - Includes: 1 NPA 28, 1 Dynalube Packet 1x MY MEDIC MARKER - Felt tip pen, versatile in many situations.


Height: 8 in Width: 5 in Depth: 4 in Weight: 20 oz

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