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Esstac Pistol KYWI Insert


Esstac Pistol KYWI Insert


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Esstac Pistol KYWI Insert

The Esstac Pistol KYWI Insert are included with all Esstac pouches, these are intended for use as extras, to replace or to try in other pouches (at your own risk)

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Will these Pistol KYWI inserts work in other manufacturers equipment? The honest truth we have no idea. We have been told by customers that our Pistol KYWI inserts work in other manufacturers equipment but we can’t tell you which ones they do and don’t work in. We do not buy other gear company’s equipment and test our inserts in them so we can’t tell you what they are going to work or not work in. If you decide to buy our Pistol KYWI insert to use in a different manufacturers equipment that is your choice.

Additional information

Pistol Magazine Type

2011, Standard