Chaos BALCS MVP Carrier



Chaos BALCS MVP Carrier

The Chaos BALCS MVP (MOLLE Versatile Platform) Cut Carrier is a new take on a familiar platform.  We know not everyone likes the laser look and sometimes we just want to be traditional.  This is our take on the Chaos Carrier in MOLLE, made with the same quality and care as our laser version but with traditional webbing. The MOLLE version comes with a built in kangaroo pocket that holds 3 mags as well as cummerbunds that support additional mags and side plates. The carrier is compatible with any BALCS soft armor and is designed to be a high speed, low drag platform.  The carrier features a laser cut front and back with a low profile design. Accepts any Midwest Armor in BALCS style, see soft armor options here, or any BALCS cut armor. FEATURES ‎BALCS Chassis (Accepts Standard BALCS sizes + 2XL and 3XL grading) ‎Traditional MOLLE Webbing Built-in support for side armor Built-in support for mags on cummerbund Built-in kangaroo 3 mag pouch ‎Comm wire channels/tunnel ‎Body cam clip ‎Body mic clip (sides) ‎Padded Shoulders ‎Contoured shoulder pads ‎Hidden knife and utility pockets ‎Heavy duty reinforced handle ‎Internal plate pockets FirstSpear Tubes ‎Fully scalable (Groin, Collar, Biceps)

We wanted to make something that was modern, high speed, and low profile while embracing the balcs style armor. The Chaos BALCS Laser Cut Carrier is the result of that process.

Standard Plates8x10 Shooters Cut
8x10 Full Cut
10x12 Shooters Cut
10x12 Full Cut
SAPI PlatesSmallMediumLargeX-LargeX-LargeX-Large
BALCS Panel SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large3X-Large
Front Length13"14"15"16"17"18"+

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