Custom Ballistic Title
Custom Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts

Now getting Custom Soft Armor Ballistics inserts for your favorite carrier is not hard, no more trying to stuff armor to make it fit, trying to find or modify armor you have or even having to buy a new carrier.  With our Custom Soft Armor Ballistics Program you can easily get custom ballistics that fit your carrier, cummerbund, pouch, bag; whatever it is you are trying to put ballistics in.

Step 1: Order Kit

The first step is to order a Tracing Kit which comes with everything you need to trace where the ballistic inserts will go and a return label.  Each Tracing Kit costs $10; which is 100% credit towards your order for soft armor!

Step: Trace

Once you get your kit simply trace your carrier using a marker on the tracing paper, and send back the tracing with the included return label and envelope

Step 3: Choose Armor

We will digitize your pattern and send you a quote with options for armor including our NIJ Certified armor options Stinger, Combat and Clipper with pricing for you to choose from, including the $10 discount for your tracking kit.


All our ballistics are sealed using Sonobond Ultrasonic weld which ensures water as well as debris proof seal

Proudly Made In USA

All our ballistics are 100% US Made using US Made materials

NIJ Listed

We offer NIJ Listed Ballistic models as well as NIJ compliant, you will get a full list of pricing to choose from


What can I get inserts for?

The possibilities are endless from backpacks, bags, suitcases, binders, chest rigs, pouches and of course carriers to name a few.  If you can trace it on paper we can make ballistics to fit it.

Are the inserts US Made?

Yes, everything from the material to the balloon cover that goes on top is US made and it is all made in the US end to end.

What does the $10 Cover?

It covers the cost of tracing paper and shipping to you and back and the best part is that it is a 100% credit towards your order.

Do you guys have standard shapes?

Yes, we have standard shapes for BALCS, MBAV and SAPI please check the ballistics page for that by clicking here.

Instead of ripstop can I get CORDURA wrapping?

Yes, just let us know that on your tracing and we can quote you with CORDURA cover instead of balloon fabric.

What is the warranty?

We offer a 5 Year Warranty on all our ballistics and a 100% fit guarantee or we replace it.