Sentry Laser Cut Proguard STX Kit

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Plates are made to order and all sales are final except for warranty/MFG defects. Shipments to CT are for LE/MIL only. The Sentry Laser Cut Proguard STX Kit is a versatile, lightweight and minimal setup that comes fully loaded with two (2) Proguard STX plates as well as our Sentry with Laser-Cut Scalable Grid Platform System. The Sentry 2.0 is a laser cut plate carrier that accommodates front and back plates as well as MOLLE accessories through out on a Laser-Cut Scalable Grid Platform System.  The laser cut shoulder straps are fully adjustable, with quick release buckles and yield to the clean design. The Proguard STX Set is a set of 2 special threat plates that offer great special threat testing protection while still being well priced and while not compromising on weight coming in at 5.5lbs while only being 0.59" thick. PRICE IS FOR A SET OF 2 PLATES 10x12 SHOOTERS CUT SENTRY LE FEATURES 500 D construction Minimalist in design Accommodates shooter cut plates 10×12 Lightweight laser platform front and rear 3D Air flow padding on body side Fully adjustable laser cut shoulder straps ID loop front and rear Shoulder pads contoured for added comfort. One size fits most Quick drop plate release strap Made in USA Accepts any Hard Armor Plates from Midwest Armor PROGUARD STX FEATURES Single Curve Stand Alone rated Ceramic/composite design Light AP protection including 7.62 x 39 API Multi Shot Rated on selected threats Water repellant polyurethane coated 1000D Cordura® Nylon Finish 10x12 Shooters Cut 5.5lbs 0.59" Thick Made in the USA by Hesco for Midwest Armor
Sentry Laser Cut Flat
Sentry Laser Cut Carrier in Multicam

If you are looking for a minimal plate carrier that is easy to setup, highly versatile and lightweight then the Sentry Laser Cut carrier will do the trick.  This carrier is impressively light while still being durable, has plenty of room to grow for setups that are minimal to those days where you need to fully load it.  The base carrier features front and back plate pockets, adjustable side buckles and shoulder straps. 

Sentry Laser Cut Shoulder Closeup
MOLLE with XOS X-Grid™
Sentry Laser Cut Mesh
3-D Sculpted Mesh Airflow
Sentry Cummerbund With FirstSpear™ Tubes
Cummerbund With FirstSpear™ Tubes

Our XOS X-Grid™ system is a versatile alternative to the standard MOLLE webbing and laser cuts.  It accommodates different MOLLE webbing size attachments with its unique X-Grid™ shape while being durable and low profile which both reduces weight and blends into the carrier providing for a slick profile of the carrier.

Designed specifically with sculpted 3-D Mesh Airlfow panels which allows your body heat to escape keeping you cool and also doubles up as a layer of protection between the plate and your body keeping it away from directly being against your chest and back.

Looking to upgrade your carrier? You can easily add a cummerbund with velcro or FirstSpear™ Quick Release Tubes which allows you to don and doff your carrier without the need to constantly adjust it.

Sentry Carrier With Proguard Plate
Proguard STX Plate with Sentry Laser Cut in Multicam

The Proguard STX plates are designed as an alternative plate set for those not concerned with full powered rifle threats which makes these plates neither an NIJ Level III or Level IV (NIJ 0101.06).  These plates are designed outside of the traditional ratings offering up some added protection not included in some of the ratings while dropping others that are.

What makes these plates unique is their combination of stopping power, weight and thickness which make it a popular plate to consider when choosing your body armor.

What size plates are included?

The set comes with 10×12 Shooters Cut plates, if you need smaller or larger plates please order from our Proguard STX plate page.

Is this a Level IV or III Plate?

The STX are special threat plates that are neither NIJ Level III, III+ or IV, refer to our guide on How To Choose The Right Body Armor if you need help deciding.

Do you offer side plates?

Yes! Please order from our Proguard STX plate page.  We do not stock these and they are special order.

Are the plates multi-curve?

No.  The Proguard STX are a single curve plate, if you are looking for multi-curve plates check out our Venture FM STX plates.

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