GP 7x6x3 Double Mag Pouch


7 Reviews
7 Reviews
The GP 7x6x3 Double Mag Pouch is a General-Purpose Pouch for everyday use because sometimes you do not need to reinvent the wheel, but packs a hidden pocket where you can slide in up to two (2) 5.56 mags side-by-side using a velcro and elastic sleeve.  The GP 7x6x3 Double Mag Pouch helps you increase the amount of usable space on your carrier, cummerbund or belt system while also allowing you to carry more mags in a space-saving solution. This pouch also works great on a Chest Rig setup giving you both a GP pouch and a space for your mags which means you no longer have to choose between your mags or a pouch. Inside you will find internal Velcro loop on the walls for adding optional attachments like our 5-Cell Holder. While the outer space saving pocket for mags has a loop field to easily insert mag holders for .308, 5.56, 7.62, pistol (single or double) or any compatible insert so you can save space while adding extra mags. The pouch attaches via standard MOLLE points in the back which works with both traditional MOLLE on carriers as well as the laser MOLLE., or by simply running your belt through the MOLLE loop on the back of the pouch.

7x6x3 (WxHxD)
3 Columns x 4 Rows MOLLE on back

What's Included

GP Double Mag Pouch + Rifle Insert


Large horizontal utility pouch
7x6x3 (WxHxD)
Hidden covered zipper opening
MOLLE attachment points (supports belt systems)
Internal Velcro loop on walls for optional accessory attachments
Shrink tubing on zipper pulls
Drain grommet
3 Columns x 4 Rows
Made in Knoxville TN USA by Midwest Armor

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  1. Amazing product for use on a belt or a chest rig. It allows me to carry the ammunition and equipment I need while saving on space/weight. If you ever released a version with Molle webbing going the whole length of the back, I would definitely buy it for my plate carrier.

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  2. I have it mounted on the kidney pad of my ruck and love it. Thanks!

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  3. Will give you ‘the fizz’. A quality American product with real customer service.

    Image #1 from Anthony
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  4. This is a great pouch/mag holder. I really enjoy this company, they are quick to respond on emails, and take feedback into consideration.

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  5. It’s an awesome pouch!!!! Consider upgrading the mag insert to something more rigid! I’d like to see maybe half inch laser cut molle on the back and locking tabs on the end of the straps to make it bomb proof.

    Image #1 from Jose E.
    Image #2 from Jose E.
    Image #3 from Jose E.
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