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Relentlessly pioneering, designing and manufacturing American made tactical equipment
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Quality products. American made. Helpful staff. Answered all my questions and helped guide me through picking out the right carrier and accessories.

A Decade In The Making

For over a decade, Midwest Armor has been manufacturing American made tactical equipment for the toughest missions by our nation’s heroes; Today we bring that knowledge and experience direct to consumer.

We believe that tactical equipment is not defined by one company, group or person, but rather a generation of users that have an ever evolving landscape of challenges, missions and experience.

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Our equipment embodies that generation; a generation that never settles, demands equipment that creates an experience while being functional and always believes there is a better way.

Midwest Armor

This embodiment leads us to manufacture equipment that provides experiences as much as functionality, equipment that is future proof, ever changing by user feedback, experience and advancements in manufacturing.

American Made

Going against the grain in an era where American manufacturing and ingenuity seem to have taken a back seat. Every product we produce is made by us, in our facilities, with our employees in America — Knoxville to be exact. And for products we do not produce, we only work with partners that make their products in America.

Future Proof

Through an ever changing pioneering process, we tinker with every part of manufacturing until we feel we have reached its maximum craftsmanship. Only then is the product released and the cycle starts all over again until we produce the next version. This is Future Proof.


Quality is not an option; it is part of the process. Finding the right quality for the right purpose is an integral part of creating our products. We are constantly researching, developing and experimenting with materials to find better durability, comfort and textures that create unique experiences.


Life saving equipment should never be limited to those with means or connections but to all citizens. This is why equipment is sold directly to consumers and operators alike; this direct to consumer with no in-between distributors allows us to ensure that our products are accessible to everyone from all walks of life.

3115 NW Park Dr. Knoxville TN 37921


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